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Am first and foremost a servant of Christ Jesus, with a loving wife and one cat. Am a retired US Army officer.

During my Army career, deployed to many different nations and have interacted with many people of different cultures and religions.

Education background includes a BS and a MA, along with professional military education.

In debate, I expect others to follow the rules of debate, avoiding logical fallacies (including juvenile personal attacks). Those who don't are placed on ignore. I have placed the following Newsvine members on ignore:

(Ripley8, andre gasparre, Raye Kaye, servus-aus-tex, DarwinWasRight, bigbugy, dAt crAzy bOk, EdisonEllis, sbstarlite, WeBDoomed, Bryce DeWitt, blue wolf, dwillie)

The poster iarnuocon has been added to my ignore list, because he shamefully deletes posts that have no CoH violations and are on topic.

Added the following militant anti-Christians to the list: TheJackel, Andrew331978

Also reluctantly added thelyamhound, since our differences are irreconcilable. The poster is not a troll, but he or she refuses to respect my beliefs despite being asked politely to do so.

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